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Engaging/Motivational/Experience/Fitness/Exploration/Wellbeing & Fun VR Fitness

The service is designed to motivate individuals to conduct cycling exercises in more regular intervals. Therefore, it immerses users into one of more than 45 individually selectable tracks ranging from tropical, to canyon, to underwater or normal city environments to space and many more.

All users rated our service as more way more motivational and especially much more fun than a usual cycling bike exercise at the gym or a normal bike ride on the streets. On top of that it was noted that the time while being inside the VR environment felt to pass much faster than in the real world. This phenomenon indicates that users are so absorbed in the activity that they excel in performance without consciously being aware of their every movement.

After finishing the VR cycling tour, users are provided an overview of their individual performance including cycled distance, burned calories and time spend. In this sense our community fun VR-fitness service combines exercising and fun in unified solution. By regular usage it is also intended to improve an individual’s wellbeing.

The service is accessible for anyone from age 13+ and immerses you into an alternate world for 15-20 minutes and more. We would love to introduce to you and for commercial correspondence please get in touch with us.

For more information about booking, T&C contact us at

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